OnAir Spots (Caliope Broadcast Software ) 4.1.1 With Crack

OnAir Spots (Caliope Broadcast Software ) 4.1.1 With Crack


OnAir Spots Versatile traffic software

OnAir Spots is our commercial scheduling software for the scheduling of commercials for both radio and TV stations. OnAir Spots contains all features that you need to manage your commercial scheduling operation.

OnAir Spots is an user friendly and highly automated traffic system, making the scheduling of your commercials an efficient process.

Planning possibilities of OnAir Spots

OnAir Spots can schedule your spots and take into account rules like:

  • Maximum amount of spots per block
  • Maximum amount of time per block
  • Position in block
  • branch separation
  • product separation
  • voice separation
  • OnAir Spots can schedule consecutive spots (spot 1 in week 1, spot 2 in week 2 etc…)
  • OnAir Spots can distribute spots based on percentages (spot 1; 50% of the time, spot 2; 30 % of the time, spot 3; 20% of the time)
  • OnAir Spots can attach one or multiple reminders to spots
  • OnAir Spots can schedule items on fixed positions, which makes it perfect to schedule sponsor messages just before the news or weather
  • OnAir Spots can schedule your campaigns based on a fixed price, based on price per spot or based on price per second.

Easy to use Wizard

The wizard of our commercial scheduling software leads you with only 4 steps through the scheduling process of your commercials.

Step 1

In the first step you enter some basic information like the account, the length of the radio or TV campaign and the way the campaign should be billed. If you have more than 1 radio or TV channel, then choose the stations or channels in this first step of the wizard as well.

Step 2

In the second step you choose some more details about the campaign, like the amount of airings per day and how the commercials should be placed. If you have stations with regionalized editions (different commercials for different regions) you also choose the different regions where the commercials will be scheduled.

Step 3

In the third step the actual commercials can be added and additional information can be entered. All commercials also can be pre-listened or pre-viewed.


Step 4

In step 4 you can review the settings of your radio or TV campaign and save it.

The campaign overview screen

When the campaigns have been scheduled, the campaign overview screen gives a clear overview of all the scheduled commercials. You can check the scheme and make adjustment easily by just drag ‘n drop the commercials to other positions. It is also possible to manually add or delete commercials to the scheme without re-planning the whole campaign.

In the campaign overview of our commercial scheduling software missing commercials are colored red, so it is easy to see which commercials need attention.

If commercials have been placed and have obeyed all the rules, a blue tick will be visible. If 1 or more rules have been broken, a red flag will be visible. Double clicking on the flag reveals the reason. Because it is possible to manually edit the scheme, any errors are easily fixed.

Multiple stations or channels

OnAir Spots can schedule campaigns for as many stations or channels as you have licenses for.
Just choose the stations or channels on which the spots should be broadcasted and our traffic software schedules all stations with ease.

The perfect commercial scheduler for sales houses

This feature makes this also a perfect solution for sales houses of radio or TV commercials. With our traffic software it is easy to plan a commercial for 1 or more stations.

Regionalized editions

In addition to the multiple stations / channel feature, our advanced edition system can be used to plan localized commercials for different regions. Combinations of these two are also possible, you can set up multiple channels in OnAir Spots, each having multiple editions.

Scheduling rules

A set of templates and rules is the foundation for the schedules of your radio or TV station. As soon as these settings are made, the scheduling operation of all your campaigns will be easy.

Easy play-out Integration

OnAir Spots exports your campaigns as CSV files which can be imported by almost all play-out systems. Of course, the layout of the CSV can be easily adapted, so the connection form our commercial scheduling software to your play-out system is easy to make.


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