Battery Mode 4.3.0 build 184 + Portable With Crack

Battery Mode

Battery Mode: Replaces the standard Windows battery indicator with a more beautiful and functional one, and also adds convenient backlight control.

Convenient Switching Of Power Supply Modes

  • Turn on the Energy Saving mode – and your laptop can work up to two times longer!
  • Lacking performance? Is the system slowing down? Not enough FPS in games? Turn on High Performance mode to turn off all power-saving features and improve performance.
  • Activate the “Balanced” mode – and the system will manage the power itself.
  • Use the “Scheduler” function to set up an automatic change of modes.

Nice Backlight Control

  • Now you do not need to hold down tricky key combinations or climb the monitor menu to adjust the backlight.
  • Just open Battery Mode and adjust it with the slider.
  • External monitors must support I2C interface and DDC/CI standard.
  • Tired of jumping backlight when you connect the charger or change the power mode?
  • Enable the “Fixed screen brightness” option in the “Advanced Options” menu – the backlight will no longer change by itself!
  • Use the icon next to the backlight control to enable/disable adaptive brightness control (when an ambient light sensor is present).

You can download Battery Mode from the link below…

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