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Bitsum-CPUBalance is a small but nimble utility that allows you to monitor PC processes. The program has a function that prevents them from running. The application runs on the Windows platform. It was released by a large and reputable company, Bitsum LLC, which was noted for the release of convenient and reliable utilities, mainly related to monitoring and PC performance. This means that a user-friendly interface has been prepared for you with a good translation into a number of languages, including Russian.

CPUBalance was created to help avoid critical CPU loads caused by system processes. In other words, it reduces the priority of already loaded processes, thus avoiding overloads and system crashes. This tool uses an algorithm created by Bitsum and moved to a separate technology called Pro Balance. The program can work independently on a computer, or it can work in conjunction with Process Lasso – probably the flagship among the tools released by Bitsum LLC.

Program features:

  • work offline and monitor processes, while the utility independently chooses which running processes should lower the priority
  • view all processes running in the system and sort them
  • the ability to change the binding to the CPU cores
  • Pro Balance technology
  • log view, autorun and some other minor features

OS: Windows 10, 7, 8. 


Download the Bitsum-CPUBalance here

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