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BitVPN for Android: In today’s society, the use of the internet via wifi is extremely popular. But for some web addresses will be restricted from accessing geographic locations or certain threats. Then VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that allows users to set up a private virtual network with another network on the Internet. The benefits of VPN bring immense benefits to work and information security. So the application developers have developed BitVPN – Fast VPN Proxy Master application, an expert in navigating your internet network. Let’s find out the great things that the application brings.

Theoretically, BitVPN – Fast VPN Proxy Master will forward all of your network traffic to the system where it is possible to remotely access local network resources and cause them to escape Internet censorship. When you download our app to your device and activate it, your phone will act as a local connection like VPN. All network traffic will be sent over a secure connection to the VPN. Since your phone works on this network, you can access local network resources, even if you’re on the other side of the world.

You can also use the Internet where the application is located. This means you might be on public wifi or want to access sites that are geographically blocked. If you browse a website with the app on, your phone connects to the website through the encryption application. The app has a secure connection that forwards your request and returns the response from the web.


Key Features

Anonymous Web Browsing

Based on the operation analyzed above, we can see that BitVPN – Fast VPN Proxy Master is an extremely simple tool, but its network benefits are extremely great. An application that allows us to access Business Network while traveling. Use this app to access foreign business networks. Because Local network resources are not exposed to the Internet directly to increase security.

Global Distributed Servers

You can access your home network while outside. Besides, setting up a virtual network for yourself while traveling will be extremely easy. Hide browsing activities brought from your local network and internet providers. If they know how to see your activity, then while you’re on a public Wi-Fi connection, then your activities will be seen by everyone. So if you want to hide your web activities to protect your privacy and security please use our app.

Secure, Private, No Logs Anonymous

You want to access geographically blocked websites. Even if you are a US citizen, but you cannot access US websites while you are traveling, our app gives you access to websites in the United States. And when using the internet you will experience countless web censorship, but for our application, you are completely free from that strict censorship.

Speed And Security

Using BitVPN – Fast VPN Proxy Master application makes your internet access speed faster and easier. Watch movies, play online games at a faster speed than ever. Internet threats always worry you, don’t worry when you activate the BitVPN application your private traffic will be encrypted and transmitted securely over the internet.

Hackers steal personal information on your phone, now has BitVPN it will make hackers have more trouble trying to penetrate your device. With such extremely high security, you will access the internet anonymously. And the interface of the application is very simple and easy to use. It is also easy for those who are not free of technology.

Necessary Level

In recent years it has been necessary or unnecessary to argue about privacy online. Meanwhile, government agencies and authorities continue to spy on citizens around the world, so what level of protection do you think is protecting yourself and your data? We recognize that each individual’s privacy and confidentiality should be respected. One of the best ways to regain privacy online is to use BitVPN – Fast VPN Proxy Master – an application extremely useful for each personal life.

Global Distributed Servers

It can be said that this is the best free VPN virtual private network application to secure WiFi hotspot and protect your privacy and speed up your network access faster. Great app that brings high internet speed and encrypted VPN connection to your phone, very safe without any control.

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