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AFWall+ 0

AFWall+ Pro 3.5.3 Free Download

AFWall+ is a firewall for Android. It allows you to restrict other applications from accessing network data (2G/3G and/or Wi-Fi and roaming). You can also control traffic on the local network or when connected via VPN. Key...

Kali Linux 0

Kali Linux 2022.1 With Crack

Kali Linux distribution kit is designed to test systems for vulnerabilities, conduct audits, analyze residual information and identify the consequences of intruder attacks. The distribution kit is designed for certain categories of users and...

Bitsum ParkControl Pro 0

Bitsum ParkControl Pro With Crack

Bitsum ParkControl Pro was developed by Bitsum and is designed to manage core parking settings. These settings are hidden in the Windows operating system, but have a significant impact on performance, especially during processor...

Lacey 0

Lacey 2.68 Portable Free Download

Lacey is a simple tool for searching and downloading multimedia content – audio and video. Finding popular hits on the Internet is usually not difficult, but it’s not always possible to download them. However,...

2k10 Live 0

2k10 Live 7.40 / Next 11.03 Free Download

2k10 Live: A multi-boot system administrator disk with the ability to boot from CD/DVD, flash drive, USB-HDD and regular HDD, and consisting of several PE-assemblies, which allows you to boot and work comfortably on...

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