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Far Manager

Far Manager is a console file manager for operating systems of the Windows family. The program provides a convenient user interface for working with file systems (real and emulated) and files.

Key Features:

  • Managing printers, both connected to a pc and networked
  • Syntax highlighting in program source code
  • Work with ftp servers (with support for access through various types of proxies, automatic resume, etc.)
  • Search and replace characters simultaneously in multiple files using regular expressions.
  • Tools for renaming groups of files with the ability to use complex compound masks from wildcards and wildcards
  • Nntp/smtp/pop3/imap4 clients and pager messaging
  • Work with non-standard text screen sizes
  • Recoding of texts taking into account national code tables
  • Manipulation of the contents of the basket
  • Process priority management on a local or network pc
  • Word completion in the editor and working with templates
  • Editing the windows system registry
  • Creating and modifying windows shortcuts
  • All kinds of manipulations with files and text that make working with fido comfortable
  • Encode and decode files in uue format
  • Control of winamp program and modification of comments of mp3 files
  • Processing quake pak files
  • Work with various servers via odbc + work with oracle servers via oci.
  • Ras service management
  • Launching external programs (compilers, converters, etc.) When editing texts in the far editor
  • Displaying the contents of windows help files (.hlp and .chm)
  • Calculators with different features
  • Various games
  • Spell check functions when processing text in the far editor
  • Preparation of a catalog of removable drives


You can download Far Manager from the link below…

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