Helpinator Pro 3.24.1 with Crack


Helpinator is a help creation tool that simplifies complex tasks. You can compile professional looking help files in 4 different formats and multiple languages.


  • Generate help files, manuals, and CHM documents in PDF, Web Help, and Rich Text format (MS Word compatible)
  • WYSIWYG editor has all the necessary word processor tools – fonts, paragraph formatting, images, tables. This allows you to define and use your own text and paragraph styles for the entire project.
  • Built-in spell check, in addition, you can check the spelling of all topics at the same time with the Global Spell Check Tool.
  • You can easily create localized copies of your documentation. Helpinator can store all languages ​​in one project file. The XML import/export feature is designed to interact with translation tools and services.
  • The built-in screenshot tool lets you take screenshots of active windows and save them to your project’s image library, then embed the images into themes.
  • The Image Library contains an image editor that allows you to add callouts and comments to screenshots.
  • The Helpinator project storage format is a ZIP file, so you can extract texts at any time, even without Helpinator.
  • Helpinator also has a “VCS compatible” storage mode where all objects are stored in separate files inside the project folder.
  • Helpinator has several built-in templates for CHM/Web and PDF/RTF help. However, you can easily create your own templates using the visual editor – Template Builder.
  • Command line utility for batch processing.
  • You can import existing documentation in CHM, DOC, RTF, and HTML formats using the “Convert to Helpinator 3 Project” utility in the Start menu of programs.


Features RePack’a:
Type: installation.
Languages: Russian | English.
Cut: nothing.
Activation: completed.
• Silent install: /S


You can download the Helpinator from the link given below

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