HiBit Uninstaller 2.7.35 RePack

HiBit Uninstaller

HiBit Uninstaller is a program for completely removing programs and their remnants, as well as disabling unnecessary auto run items and cleaning the system and registry from unnecessary garbage and optimizing the operating system.


  • Completely remove programs without leftovers
  • Force uninstall removes all stubborn software.
  • Uninstall multiple programs at once
  • Monitor program installation
  • Quick program search function
  • Uninstall applications from the Windows store
  • Uninstall browser extensions
  • Destroy confidential files
  • Eliminate registry problems and improve the performance of your PC
  • Remove unnecessary files and unnecessary program files
  • Remove invalid shortcuts on your system
  • Find empty folders on your hard drive
  • Easily manage programs and services that run with Windows
  • Easily manage Windows system restore points
  • Convenient user interface

Features Of The Assembly From Dodakaedr:

  • Type: installation / portable (from Dodakaedr)
  • Languages: multilingual
  • Treatment: not required
  • Cut out: nothing
  • Additional: picking up the Settings.reg settings file (canceling all installer presets)

You can download HiBit Uninstaller from the link below…


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