Kala Vedic Astrology 2022 with Crack

Kala Vedic Astrology

Ernst Wilhelm, the author of the Windows based Vedic astrology software Kala, has just released his latest version of the software. Ernst continues to develop unique approaches to Jyotish, and his software makes it possible to use his techniques easily.

One of the important enhancements is the completion of the time-change atlas. 50 countries have been added, so that the program now covers the entire World. Many new Ayanamshas have also been added, including the true Chitra and the Ardra/Galactic Plane Ayanamsha.

The Transit Predictive module is one of the major innovations. Employing both graha and rasi aspects and transits-to-transits, it finds all of the transits for a range of dates for both the birth chart and many Varga charts.

When transits happen on the same day or adjacent days in the D-1, D-60, D-40, and the D-chart representing the theme in question, e.g. the D-9 for marriage, a major event is likely to happen. This module can also be used for rectification, using major life events, moving the birth time forward or backwards by specific increments of time.

A major addition to the Animated Transits screen, in the Gochara report, is a set of interpretations from Yavana Jataka, I.e. the effects of the position of every transiting planet from every other planet and the Lagna. E.g. Saturn transits will show trends for 2 ½ years. The report shows a + sign when there’s a positive effect on a life theme.

Kala Vedic Astrology

The Latest Release Of Käla Has Many Enhancements And New Features Including:

  • On large wheel, point-and-click windows for planets, houses, etc. showing many significations for each.
  • A Nakshatra wheel with specific types of Nakshatra for each chart.
  • The ability to scroll though a list of all of the screens in Käla, and even see previews of them.
  • Newly named transit screens, for easier navigation.
  • Several different Dasamsha calculations.
  • Planetary conjunctions delineations from Garga Hora.
  • and more.

Both the Animated Transits screen and the Progressed screen can now depict Graha, Rasi, and Tajika aspects and Trines for both transit-to-natal and transit-to-transit points, show Bhava cusp degrees in the natal chart (so you can see exact transits to cusps), and adjust the time by many time increments including the newly added 10- minute intervals.

Another new feature is the Grahas in houses from themselves table. When you get several transiting planets in the same house from themselves, it triggers that house’s themes. If the planets have many bindus, the results are improved.

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