Lumenzia 9.2.1 With Crack Free Download


Lumenzia is software integrated into Photoshop as an extension. It helps to edit a landscape image by increasing or decreasing the color saturation, from which to make your photo more beautiful with #. Lumenzia 9 is the biggest update with over 150 new features.

Lumenzia Key Features

  • The workflow is completely streamlined and the mask is fully customizable
  • Vector mask and mask (to save a significant amount of files and avoid mask updates)
  • Add, except or cut off any mask or area for advanced control
  • Color mask (select color and / or brightness, visually)
  • Increase the intensity of local contrast (easily and automatically make more detailed information)
  • Straight mask (see as a result of mixing and testing different masks)
  • Area mask for correction accuracy
  • Selection scope Scope and scope (select a mask that fits visually)
  • Area map for rendering images in areas 0-10.
  • Mask- “brighter / darker” (selection of pixels versus surrounding pixels)
  • Customizable mask for positions or colors in an image
  • Customizable painting
  • Blank and writable
  • Storm mask (which controls the color saturation feature)
  • Apply or replace mask on existing layers with just one click
  • Light and dusty images to find and fix easily. Projection
  • Advanced toning method for portrait (for blurring the surface) and landscape (overpass)
  • Actions can be recorded to include light masks and dark / select in your own actions.
  • Video recording of training and support, as well as a comprehensive use guide.

You can download Lumenzia from the link below…



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