Mixxx 2.3.2 Crack + License Key Free Download


Mixxx is free with no catch! You download the setup file and use the program with no worries.

But, if you want to record or broadcast in the MP3 codec, you’ll need to download and save lame.dll files in the Mixxx installation folder.

You can find the setup instructions in our Mixxx setup guide (link included below).

Getting started with Mixxx

When you first launch the program, you’ll be prompted to select the location of your music files.

In the latest version, 2.1.3, the default skin is Latenight. But, you can change it to three other options; Shade, Deere, and Tango.

Detailed deck sections


The deck sections, literally, enable you to see your music. The waveforms are particularly useful for transitioning from one song to another.

You see the song’s BPM and the pitch. And you can easily sync two tracks with similar BPMs during mixing.

4 Microphones inputs


Mixxx works with any microphone connected to your sound card or audio interface. What’s more, you can have up to 4 microphone inputs.

The microphone section has various controls. Pressing the talk button will mix the mic’s sound to the master output. You can also toggle the microphone’s input orientation to either the right side of the crossfader or the left.

As you talk, you’ll see the input strength in the volume meter. You also get a gain knob to adjust the volume.

By default, the microphone section is hidden in the user interface. However, you can enable it from “View” in the main menu.

Built-in sound effects

In the last version of Mixxx (2.0.0) there were five effects; Echo, Flanger, BitCrusher, Filter and Reverb.

Among the most exciting additions in the latest version are the new sound effects, which are 13 in total.

Here is the best part:

You can chain effects together to create one effect unit.

Encoder for live broadcasting

Configuring the encoder and connecting it to your broadcasting server will be relatively easy. It established a connection to our broadcasting without buffering issues.

The Auto DJ


The Auto DJ allows you to mix songs automatically. But first, you have to create a playlist.

You can add songs randomly from your collection or the File Explorer into the Auto DJ.

After adding songs, there is an option to shuffle them. Also, you can adjust the fade time.

The screen can quickly become cluttered

Mixxx seems to run out of space quickly if you have multiple sections opened, like the effects section, the microphone section, the samplers, and the 4 decks.

Virtual DJ, on the other hand, doesn’t experience this problem since everything is neatly organized.


You can download Mixxx from the link below…

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