MT SmartX Scale 6.1.2 Management Software Free Download

MT SmartX is METTLER TOLEDO’s scale management software for small to and medium food retailers who want to simplify and streamline their item management in the fresh category. SmartX is an easy-to-use yet high-performance tool for maintenance and error-free management of all sales-related data stored on METTLER TOLEDO and competitor scales.

From list prices, loyalty discounts and promotional offers to information about ingredients, allergens and nutritional values, SmartX is the key that unlocks at-a-glance and centralized item management.

Retailers save a huge amount of time with SmartX in terms of data input and significantly reduce the risk of errors in pricing and other product-related information at the point-of-sale.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Operate

  • Working with SmartX does not require any time-consuming and cost-intensive training. Thanks to its clear and familiar Windows-based interface, users will be confidently managing PLU data centrally in no time. Data can be input via the 10-key numeric keypad for extra speed and convenience.

Efficient Data Management

  • By centralizing data management activities, SmartX minimizes the amount of time involved in updating product-related and price information and puts an end to double and multiple data entry. Homogeneous price and product data files are easy thanks to SmartX, freeing up more time for sales employees to spend on customer service.

Complete Transparency

  • SmartX offers extensive auditing and reporting capabilities, giving food retailers accurate insights into their sales figures and transactions down to scale, employee and product level. SmartX is packed with powerful tools to further enhance business and improve sales and profits.

Outstanding Flexibility

  • SmartX offers a wide range of convenient and high-performance functions that enable product information and prices to be changed in line with retailers’ requirements at store, category and scale level. SmartX facilitates fast and reliable changes between list prices and special offers – no more worrying about missed price changes after ad breaks.


  • Compatibility: METTLER TOLEDO scales 8461, UC-ST, UC-CW, UC-PW, Impact-M, Impact-S, bPro, UC3 Line, bC Line, Etica Line; plus certain competitor scales
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM (min.)

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