OneKey Ghost Multilingual 2021 !{Latest}

OneKey Ghost

OneKey Ghost Multilingual 2021 !{Latest}

Application: Backup and Extract Ghost
System: Windows
Copyright: Free
Language: English
Dimensions: 6.2 Mb

OneKey Ghost allows you to create and extract Ghost files to the operating system with ghost Win directly on the computer without using disk or usb. This application will make the work of operating system recovery simple, perform the task of creating ghost completely automatically and ensure the security of all data on the computer, avoid the virus attack. .

OneKey Ghost supports multiple drives, hybrid hard drives (IDE / SATA / SCSI), mixed partitions (FAT32 / NTFS), unpartitioned drive partitions, multiple system support, and system support.

not the first partition, the first hard drive. Perfect support for hidden partitions. Support for the latest versions of Windows 8/10, supporting 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

For Backup :

OneKey Ghost

For Restore :

OneKey Ghost

Main Features of OneKey Ghost:

Use Norton Ghost 11.5 core, self-identifying Ghost version
Self-identifying system partitions for backup, restore (you can choose other partitions)
No need to install, clean, do not leave any temporary files on the system
Optional compression backup, self-identify volume partition size (default is fast compression and corresponding size)
Remind to check the integrity of the disk image when you restore GHO
Automatic ISO image file search, GHO exists on the drive and supports drag and drop
It is possible to bypass the CRC hi hi image file recovery Ghost
It is possible to undo the previous operation
Support for Windows, WinPE uses Ghost32 to mirror the partition directly
Set to hide or show GHOST created files created on the backup partition
Search for GHO files across drives in DOS environment to recover

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You can download OneKey Ghost from the link below…

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