Pegasus Photon SE 9.0G Build:0078 Crack Download

Pegasus Photon SE

Pegasus Photon SE Calculation Options

Pegasus Photon SE performs dozens of astrological calculations, among which stand out:​

  • Radical Map, with detailed information, including complete picture of aspects and calculations of Traditional (or Classical) Astrology​
  • Calculates positions of planets, points, asteroids and uranians​
  • Harmonic​
  • Midpoints​
  • Arabic Dots​
  • Stars​
  • Primary and secondary directions​
  • Sinodic Progression​
  • Symbolic directions​
  • Fatum/Life-Time​
  • Pro-Luna/ Age Point​
  • Time Rectification​
  • Daily Transits​
  • Slow and Fast Planet Transits​
  • Llution/ Day Time Traffic​
  • Elective Astrology​
  • Map of Local Space​
  • Revolution from Sun to Saturn​
  • Progression of the Solar Revolution​
  • Sinastria: Partner Map/ Interaspects/ Composite Map/ Relationship Map​
  • New Moons/ Crescent/ Full/ Waning​
  • Large conjunctions (Map and Development)​
  • Sun and Moon Ticket in all signs​
  • Haircut and Hair Removal Tables​
  • Numerous configuration options​

General Features Of Pegasus Photon SE

  • 30,000-year-old ephemeris with exceptional precision.
  • Pegasus uses Swiss Ephemeris.​
  • Archives with coordinates of 100,000 cities in Brazil and the world​
  • Extreme ease of use​
  • Information prioritized from the use of most astrologers​
  • Information quickly available​
  • Printing screen information​
  • Excellent graphical interface​
  • User-defined mandalas​

Minimum Hardware And Software Requirements

  • CPU Pentium onwards
  • indispensable mouse
  • video with minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 points
  • Windows Vista or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM (to run with other programs)

You can download Pegasus Photon SE from the link below…


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