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RadioDJ is one of the best free radio automation software with thousands of users. But there is a plan by Marius to introduce a paid version in 2018.

To get started with RadioDJ quickly, you have to learn how to use it. You can read the user manual, watch YouTube videos created by avid users or browse RadioDJ forums.

Why am I recommending this?

The software can be quite complicated. But, after using it for a while, it becomes really intuitive to operate and fast.

Was it easy to install?

Installing RadioDJ certainly requires extra steps. You first download the full program.

Then, you need an external database. RadioDJ recommends MySQL or its popular fork MariaDB.

The latter requires fewer installation instructions, and it’s the most recommended. You can check out our setup guide for further guidance.

Let’s see some of the features I liked:

Excellent event scheduling


You create events in RadioDJ using the ‘Events’ tool. You access it by clicking the settings wrench at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

It can schedule more than one action at the specified time. To stay organized, you can create categories for your events. Now…

What are some of the action types?

There are playlist actions, playback actions, automation actions, input actions, plugin actions, and other actions like launching an internet stream or running an application.

After creating an event, you’ll see a count down timer under the Aux Players with the name of the event.


You can see the intro and outro of a playing track

Do you want to talk before a song starts playing?

RadioDJ not only allows you to set the intro for each song (the point the artist starts singing) and outro (when the song stops playing) but also lets you see these points.


First class cross-fade

The transition from song to song is very smooth. If you have a sweeper assigned to the track, the track’s volume fades, allowing the sweeper to play.

Unlike in SAM Broadcaster, we didn’t have to adjust the cross-fade settings manually.

30 instant players for your sound FX


You get 30 slots to add your sound effects, and you can change the color of any instant player.

When you trigger a sound effect, the music volume will fade, and you can play multiple effects at once. What’s more, you can create and save multiple carts.

Unlimited number of auxiliary players


By default, RadioDJ comes with three aux players. These are useful when you want to play audio items without adding them to your database. For instance…

When an artist sends you a track, you can directly add it to one of the auxiliary players from File Explorer.

So, how do you adjust the number of your aux players? This is how you do it….

From the RadioDJ Configuration window (settings), select Plugins and double-click Aux Players.

Predefined categories in the track manager

The Tracks Manager allows you to import individual files, folders, or a directory. For instance…


Here you can see that we want to import a track. We can define its main category, subcategory, genre, and track type.

We liked it:

Because of the numerous predefined genres, categories and subcategories. We didn’t have to create new ones every time we imported audio files. It’s really time-saving.

It’s missing the built-in encoder! (AltaCast plugin)

In old versions of RadioDJ (v1.8.2 and earlier), you could install the AltaCast Encoder Plugin.

You’ll need a standalone plugin to broadcast your stream in the latest versions.

How does it compare to SAM Broadcaster?

SAM Broadcaster and RadioDJ are currently the biggest names in internet radio. So, which is better?

RadioDJ interface looks better & way cooler. However, it lacks a way to visualize the microphone.

SAM’s decks are superior to the main player in RadioDJ. They have a slider, which you can use to skip to a particular point in a song. What’s more, you can configure the EQ for each deck.

However, there have been reports by past users that the program is buggy and prone to crash, while RadioDJ has excellent stability. Well, neither program crashed during this review.

Some users have turned to RadioDJ, because it’s free. However, there is a plan to introduce a paid version that might see the come back of a built-in encoder, a feature missing in the latest versions of RadioDJ (2.x.x.x).

SAM also supports PAL (Playlist Automation Language) scripting. But, you need to fully learn how to write PAL scripts, because a poorly scripted code can cause the program to crash.

There are some programming articles on the Spacial website. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to learn how to use PAL.


  • Excellent & seamless auto cross-fade.
  • Track management is simple with predefined categories.
  • An unlimited number of aux players.
  • An intuitive user interface that’s pleasant to use.


  • Lacks a built in encoder.
  • Basic microphone control –you just turn it on and off.
  • No player decks.


You can download RadioDJ from the link below…

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