ReviverSoft PC Reviver + Portable

ReviverSoft PC Reviver

ReviverSoft PC Reviver is a multi-purpose utility that will diagnose errors on your computer, safely restore, and provide other recommendations for maintenance and optimization. The program includes the basic tools needed for a thorough system analysis, finding errors for optimal PC performance and stability.

Key Features

Backup Your Drivers

The device allows you to create a safe backup of your PC drivers in case you need to restore them at a later date.

Startup Manager

Choose which programs and services to start on Windows startup to improve boot time and overall PC performance and stability.

Uninstall Manager

Manage all installed applications and completely uninstall programs based on recommendations or as desired.

Registry Defragment

Safely optimizing the registry by compressing its hives makes it smaller, more compact and therefore more efficient.

Caution Assistant

Find out why your computer is crashing (or out of order) and find a solution to the problem.

Extension Manager File

Control which application is used to open a particular file extension.

Process Library

View processes running on the system quickly and easily.

System Information

View and save a detailed record of your system information, including software and hardware settings, and other useful information.

Extension Manager

Quickly review and remove unnecessary browser add-ons to speed up your internet browser.

Registry Cleaner

Identifies problems in your Windows registry and quickly and safely repairs those problems to restore optimal performance and stability.

Driver Update

Identifies all obsolete and obsolete drivers and quickly installs current drivers, directly from the original manufacturer.

Disk Cleaner

Thoroughly clean your privacy tracks, remove cache and other temporary data that can take up valuable disk space and cause security issues.

Disk Explorer

Quickly and easily manage files on your hard drive to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Duplicate Finder

Find and remove duplicate files while taking up valuable disk space on your computer

You can download ReviverSoft PC Reviver from the link below…



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