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SAM Broadcaster Pro

Launched in 2002 by Spacial Audio, SAM Broadcaster has become the best selling internet broadcasting software.

Did this make it the second-best radio automation software for hobbyists and professional internet radio broadcasters? No!

Let’s peak under its hood and find out why:

Was it easy to install?

Yes depending on the database you use. I’ll explain:

You get 14 days to try SAM Broadcaster Pro.

On the download page, you’ve to give up your name + email address for the trial link and subscription to their newsletter.

SAM Broadcaster requires an external database, and you’ll have three options: Firebird, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

Each database has its pros and cons:

Firebird is included in the installer, so you’ll not download it or take extra steps to configure it. Time-saving isn’t it?

However –it’s slightly slower than the other two. And Spacial advises against using it if your music library will contain more than 20,000 tracks.

With a large collection of music, you can’t go wrong with MySQL or the Microsoft SQL server.

But, you must install and configure them before installing SAM broadcaster. Don’t worry if you’re not a techie:

Check out the SAM Broadcaster user manual for the instructions on how to setup the two databases.

How was the user interface?

I’ll admit it, the user interface isn’t ultra-modern nor very attractive, in fact, it has remained unchanged over the years, but it’s one of the best I encountered during this review. Why so?

Features are cleverly organized in three desktop views. In Desktop A, you get the two player decks, Queue, Playlist, Voice FX, History, and Sound FX.

Desktop B has the Encoders, Event Scheduler, Pal Scripts, Event Log, and Static Relays Graph.

In Desktop C, you’ll get the Playlist, History, Queue, Request, Voice Tracking, and Aux Player.

Now here is the best part:

By default, this is the configuration you get, but you can customize the desktops and add or hide any window. For example…

Let’s say you want Voice-Tracking in Desktop A. You select Desktop A > Window > Voice-Tracking.

A desktop can display all the windows, as long as you have space on your monitor:


Encoders, Jingles & Drops, Voice-Tracking in Desktop A.

What if I have two monitors? No problem…

In addition to customizing the desktop views, you can open a second main window and add the features you want. A quick pointer…

To enable the dual screen feature, select Window > Desktop > Dual Screen.

Adding music was fast and effortless!

There are various ways to add music in SAM Broadcaster. You can drag & drop tracks to the Queue window.

Alternatively, you can create categories and import music using the File Explorer.

In this review, we created two subcategories under Music in the Playlist window; Top 40 songs 2016-2017 and 1972 Top 10 Hits, then imported music using the + button, which allowed us to add multiple files at once.

Loading songs to the players, Queue or AUX players is equally easy. You just drag and drop!

Editing a song’s cue points


You may have to manually set the intro, outro, start and end points. It’s easy to do, you right-click on a song and select Song info.

This opens the Song information editor. To set the cue points, you select the Settings tab. This tab also allows you to change the Beats Per Minute (BPM) and enable or disable the Gap Killer.

You can run SAM Broadcaster in three modes


Auto DJ Mode

In the Auto DJ, you need to create a rotation. Well, this is one of the easiest things to do:

First, you specify the ‘Playlist Rotation Rules,’ which involves telling the Auto DJ not to play an album, artist, title or track within a time period.

Second, you stipulate the ‘Playlist rotation logic module.’

There are three options:

  • The Clockwheel (Category rotation) logic module – which selects songs from categories.
  • The Web scripting based logic module -which plays songs from online sources.
  • The Weighted playlist rotation logic module -which prioritizes the most played songs.

Category rotation may be the most obvious choice during automation. You’ll have to tell SAM the categories to select songs and how to play them.

By this I mean, whether to enforce the playlist rules or ignore them. For jingles and stations IDs, you may not need to enforce the repetition rules.

Below you can see how I selected and added categories:

Playlist rotation rules SAM Broadcaster.png

And the rotation clockwheel format:

Playlist configuration rules.png

Play queue, Manual mode

In Play Queue mode, SAM plays music until the Queue is empty. It pulls music from the categories using the current logic module.

Manual mode allows you to take full control of the program. You’ll be likely using this mode during a live broadcast.

Mic control on another level!


The Voice FX window gives you unparalleled control and visualization of your microphone.

You clearly see when your mic is on or off. You can adjust its volume or the music volume. The dB meter shows the strength of the input allowing you to control the loudness of your voice.

It also comes with an EQ and detailed Config window where you can change the input device, buffer settings and music fade in & fade out.

Voice-tracking was not great.


I expected much more for SAM Broadcaster’s voice-tracking feature. Here was the deal breaker:

It did not play the last seconds of the preceding track like the tool in PlayoutONE and NextKast.

Also, there was not way to delete parts of the recording – a feature I found in RadioBOSS.

You will need to setup the cross-fade correctly

The program had issues cross-fading songs automatically.

For instance, in the Auto DJ mode, the artist would start singing before the instruments of the preceding song ended. So…

You may have to play around with the cross-fade and gap killer settings for precise transitions.


You can buy SAM Broadcaster Pro for a one time fee of $299. You’ll also get 12 months of free updates. Spacial Audio also offers a payment plan, where you pay $110 for 3 months.

If you run a terrestrial radio station, you’ll need to purchase SAM Broadcaster Studio currently going for $699.


  • Track rotation in 3 playlist rotation modules
  • Simple to use voice-tracking.
  • Supports pal scripting.
  • The built-in encoder supports AAC+, Mp3, WAM & Vorbis.


  • Lacks a segue editor.
  • No remote voice tracking


You can download SAM Broadcaster Pro from the link below…

Download Links

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