Slitheris Network Discovery v1.1.301 Pro

Our Slitheris network scanner software is free for 50 network devices, making it 100% free to use for most home users, most home labs, very small networks, and classroom settings. And because Slitheris keeps scanning after the first 50 devices it finds,

you can evaluate it on various networks without a trial license. Slitheris Network Discovery for Windows is a new premium next-generation network scanner, capable of gathering a wide array of information from network devices without credentials or agents.

You’ll get more information than any free Windows-based IP scanner. And there’s no need to configure remote PCs, servers or other network IoT devices. Because of this,

it’s extremely useful for both organizations and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) or IT providers who need to visit numerous customer networks and sites. In fact, because MSPs have been our initial focus, it’s perfect for MSPs scanning multiple customer sites needing quick network overviews.

Visual Ping Sweep

See exactly what the ping sweep is doing in real-time with an attractive matrix display.

Credential-free and Agentless Windows OS Detection & Fingerprinting

The vast majority of network scanning software packages require some type of credentialed access to remote devices to detect operating systems. However, using TCP/IP stack fingerprinting and other technologies,

Slitheris Network Discovery can identify a wide array of operating systems without credentials or authentication, including Windows (and its Edition), Linux, iOS, and Android. Slitheris can even scan for other details related to the operating system such as Windows Uptime, Cold Boot Time,

Time of Day and Domain/Workgroup names, and distinguishes between Domain and Workgroup types, all without needing authentication or credentialed access.

This saves the time and frustration trying various usernames and passwords or having to visit PCs and servers in person. Managed Service Providers and other IT Providers will particularly appreciate this unique feature.

Most operating systems & other information are from remote devices normally requiring authentication.

Device Type Identification & Detection Hints

Slitheris provides an educated guess of device type by gathering dozens of attributes from each device during the probing process and comparing them to a Device Type Definitions DB, similar to how anti-virus software detects viruses. Although this feature is currently experimental, new methods are in development to much more accurately identify ma

ny more types of devices.


Download Slitheris Network Discovery v1.1.301 Pro


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