Win7 PE Super Lite (50MB) USB Edition – Fire Superfast Computer

Win7 PE Super Lite

This version is only 50 Mb (Trying too new to be one significant figure ) Win7pe first version I did and would recommend to everyone to join her test it.

This Win7pe their copies made mostly to rescue only when the target is Win, for the laptop, PC chip newer blue screen error free as in Hiren Boot CD MiniXP.

It is equipped with all the tools they deem necessary: Ghost, install Win, format the drive, save data …. In addition it also supports installing the software, your driver …

This as rescue purposes only offline only, so do not integrate as well as the Driver of the Internet and your favorite soft light should only integrate or use Soft, soft light, removing rarely used soft, heavy.
‘s solution lightweight, ultra fast boot speed (10 seconds )
Integrated quite enough of rescue tools, you can use the add Hiren by Mount with ImDisk.
-You can install Driver, Softs, not personalize!

Cons points:​
Driver integrated bearing LAN, WLAN, Audio …
-Font digit numbers when running 1 Soft bad breath (but quality is still important.)
-and made way chickens )​

This version 1 of the rebuild his ship Bkav introduced busy.Tiny space, the boot is very fast. 1 several integrated tools necessary rescue that I use often.

No more soft integration, not integration Driver, aim mainly at need rescue. You can Ghost, install Win, split drive, breaking with the pe …

Pass this compact. But 50Mb but can only run well on the i3 i5 i7 Laptop new life without the blue screen as MiniXP.
Here is one of the few pictures of this:

Win7 PE Super Lite

Win7 PE Super Lite

Win7 PE Super Lite

The Win 7pe micro, ultra fast boot ( 50 MB) | Mirror | Mirror Mirror Mirror ! Torrent

You can download Win7 PE Super Lite from the link below…

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