Windows 11 Pro NUX 11 & Slim build 22000.194 by TeamOS

Windows 11 Pro NUX 11 & Slim

Download Windows 11 Pro NUX 11 & Slim build 22000.194 is an official build of Windows 11 that is customized and optimized to remove Windows 11 components for smooth operation on low-profile machines .

General Info:
Version: Windows 11 Pro
OS build: 22000.194
Arch: x64
Compression: esd
Language: English language during installation (You can add your language later, issue fixed)
File Size: 2.7GB
Author:  Jerry_Xristos
Treatment: windows are activated (activator included at desktop folder just in case)

Note: TPM or NOT TPM , no need to do anything, system is patched so its working in unsupported systems
Language is set to English during the installation

  Removed Components

All windows bloatware (except windows store & Xbox)
ActiveX Installer Service
Action Center
ActiveX Compatibility Flags (Killbits)
ActiveX Installer Service
Application Virtualization (App-V)
Cache and temp files
Ease Of Access Themes
Easy transfer
Face Recognition
Fax fro printing
Input method editor
Internet Exlporer
One drive
On-Screen Keyboard (Tablet PC)
Map Control
Manual setup
Manual feature repository
Microsoft Edge
Mobile PC
Modern App support
Kernel Debugging
Retail demo Content
Security Center
Send To Mail and Desktop
Skype ORTC
Snipping Tool
Some fonts are missing
Speech recognition
Speech TTS
Spell Checking
System Reset
WinSXS is cleared
Windows biometric services
Windows Disc Image Burning Tool
Windows Reader (PDF)
Windows Mixed Reality
Windows defender
Windows AI Machine Learning
Tablet PC
TV Tuner codecs


NUX 11 theme added
13 wallpapers added (located at Desktop)
Dark mode for apps enabled
Dark mode for windows enabled
Auto play is disabled
Balloon notifications is disabled
CD burning features is disabled
Experimentetion is disabled
Location services is disabled
Feedback frequency is disabled
Photo viewer is restored
Let apps use other devices open apps and continue experiences is disabled
Let apps use user advertising ID is disabled
Let microsoft provide more tailored experiences is disabled
Let winodws collect my activities for this pc is disabled
Get tips and suggestions as you use windows is disabled
Meet now taskbar widget is disabled
News and interests are disabled
Quiet hours is disabled
Quick access is disabled
Show people in taskbar is disabled
Windows collect my activities from this pc (timeline) is disabled
Telemetry is disabled
Tweaks have been applied for better performance


added personalize to context menu (you can change your themes from there)
added windows mode to context menu
added safe mode to context menu
added PowerShell to Context Menu
added App Mode to desktop context menu
added Choose Power Plan to Desktop Context Menu
added Open command window here as administrator
added Computer Management to Desktop Context Menu
added Control Panel to desktop context menu
added Display settings to desktop context menu
added Grant admin full control to context menu
added system tools to context menu
added Take Ownership to context menu

Programs added:

Opera GX
WinRAR.v6.02 OldNewExplorer WinaeroTweaker
Startback aio
Microsoft Visual C.Redistributable Packages v2021.08.02.x64
After installation of programs restart your computer

Build image

Windows 11 Pro NUX 11 & Slim

Windows 11 Pro NUX 11 & Slim

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You can download Windows 11 Pro NUX 11 & Slim from the link below…

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