YOWhatsApp APK 9.05 Download (Official) Latest Version

YoWhatsApp APK official latest version 2021 download on your Android device. If you find your default WhatsApp a bit boring, then download Yo WhatsApp APK. It is a mod that helps you personalize the APK. Call, send texts, video calling, sharing files, and many more features come with YO WhatsApp’s latest version. YoWhatsApp (YoWA) is a mod that lets you customize the app according to your preferences.

Now let’s get started with our discussion on Yo WhatsApp. With this mod, you are able to personalize your conversations, customize a unique chat background for each of your contacts, and change the font sizes. You also get various emoticons, send full-sized photos and videos, and even send up as many as 700 images all in one go. This mod also lets you hide the names of your contacts.

YoWA is similar to the official version of WhatsApp except for the additional aesthetics. Installing this mod will still let you do the things you can do on WhatsApp, such as making calls, send written messages, voice messages, images, videos, and others.


Key Features

Freeze Last Seen

Freeze the last seen by using YOWhatsApp. if you enable this feature, you will not be able to see your last seen and will not poke their nose in your private matters

Who Can Call Me?

It is straightforward to reach anyone when you want to. you can limit the call to friends and family whenever you want to by enabling this ‘who can call me’ feature. You allow a few friends to call you while you disable others. We recommend you not to use this feature frequently unless you are too busy because it may cause emergency problems in some cases.

Hide View Status

If you enable hide your status, you can hide in your friend’s status, and he won’t know that you have seen his status.

Anti-Delete Messages

Anti delete message options for anti delete messages. If you enable anti delete messages option, you will be able to read the messages as your friend won’t be able to delete that message. WhatsApp now allows others to delete the messages if they are sent by mistake, but if you enable this feature you can read the message which is removed by your friend.

Anti-Delete Status

WhatsApp now allows you to delete status according to it if your friend is your status hi can be deleted, but if you enable enter delete status in the YOWhatsApp, he cannot delete that status update.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

After reply now you are so busy that sometimes you forget to reply to the messages and it creates a sense of fight between you and your friend. YoWhatsApp allows you to read the messages without turning the text to blue and your friend or know that you have read his message. The text will only turn blue when you reply to him amazing feature is it at.

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YOWhatsApp APK

YOWhatsApp APK Full Version


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